Learn by


By participating in a range of activities kids learn to work together as part of a community to come up with creative solutions for everyday problems.

Build Partnership


Through our peer support program kids get to know themselves as well as their peers, learning how to develop and nurture healthy relationships.


good habits

By taking care of their bodies and their minds on a daily basis, kids will learn the value of dedicating time to physical activity, healthy eating, rest and relaxation.


Skillz for life

Kids will learn how to thrive by developing practical skills to take care of themselves and others.

Gaining a sense of identity & responsibility.





Saturdays 11am-1pm  over 4 weeks

Are you passionate about something?

Would you like to make changes in the world?

Want to tell people about it?

Our Inner Activist workshop helps kids find their 'voice'.

In this workshop kids will Identify an issue that they feel strongly about that could be social, environmental, political, whatever resonates with them. then exploring different ways to deliver their message and promote positive change. 

Activities include:

Screen printing          Tie dying

Poster art                      Photograph 

Speech writing           Yoga & Meditation

This workshop encourages:

Creativity, Courage & Self awareness.